What’s Required

We are pleased to be able to assist you with a PPP Loan application, please call with any questions but get this information submitted as quickly as you can.  We cannot process incomplete applications so please review the application information carefully.

PPP  Required Documents

  1. The Excel spreadsheet calculates the eligibility of the loan amount based upon information that you input from your historical records
  2. The borrower application form that you have to review and complete plus this additional information form
  3. We have also included program rules for you to look at if you have any specific questions on eligibility.  When you submit the application we will need to see all of the supporting documents for your calculation of the available loan amount including payroll records, insurance invoicing, benefit program costs all as described in the IFRN Final Rules
  4. February 15th, 2020 payroll report to verify the number of employees or 2019 year end number of employees

Entity and Ownership Supporting Documents (Required):

  1. 2019 company tax returns
  2. 2018 personal tax returns for each owner but note: be sure to include a 2019 Schedule C if applicable for schedule C filing businesses
  3. A current personal financial statement on each owner
  4. A copy of the drivers license front and back for each owner
  5. Corporate LLC or Partnership documents as described here
  6. Certification of Beneficial Owner
  7. PPP Check List

PPP Frequently asked questions

Borrower to provide for forgiveness:

  1. Payroll reports for the 8 weeks following the funding of the proceeds
  2. Evidence of payments for rent, business mortgage interest, utilities within the 8 weeks
  3. 75% of the loan funds MUST be used for payroll

Submitting for Forgiveness:

  1. This can be done 7 weeks after loan proceeds have been disbursed, but you need:
  2. Gather supporting documents form Borrow of how funds were used:  (payroll reports, canceled  checks, paid utility invoices, etc…)
  3. There is no formal form provided yet for forgiveness portion