Lockbox Services

Based on your specific needs, First Independence offers a third party solution to help streamline your collection process. Our lockbox remittance processing system provides accurate, timely and efficient servicing of your inbound client payments.

Our full collection process accelerates the collection of account receivables converting to cash by improving the availability of funds. Our lockbox services are tailored to suit your internal processes. The service helps you apply cash and update collection reports the day your funds are received.

Retrieve and display digitized images of lockbox checks and remittance documents online. Image transmission and CD-ROM are also available to complement this web delivery service.

      Zero Balance Account (ZBA) Services

      First Independence Bank’s Zero Balance Account is a checking account in which a balance of zero is maintained by automatically transferring funds from a master account in an amount only large enough to cover checks presented. A Zero Balance Account is used by corporations to eliminate excess balances in separate accounts and maintain greater control over disbursement.

      Remote Deposit Capture

      Give your business the edge.

      First Independence Bank offers remote deposit capture for its business banking clients.  Remote deposit is a process that allows any size business, nonprofit or municipality to deposit checks into a bank account without having to deliver actual checks to the bank.

      Our remote deposit product allows you to deposit checks day or night, from your office.  Just scan the checks and securely transmit the check images for deposit.  The transaction and validation is fully automated.  All you need is a Windows XP PC, internet connection, bank supplied scanner and you are ready to get the edge.

      This web-based solution allows you to:

      • Centralize payment processing from remote offices
      • Accelerate funds availability
      • Increase security
      • Reduce trips to the bank
      • Streamline operations and bookkeeping

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